Fedora Copy.com RPM files

Barracuda Networks have launched a competitive service to DropBox called Copy.com.
The service even though still young is stable and has the added bonus of providing 20GB of free storage.

The only problem I have with it is that they provide a Linux client in an ugly tgz format that causes all sorts of problems with dependencies in Fedora, so I created an RPM package that hopefully solves some of those.

Monitoring the use of php mail() function

In a busy webserver hosting multiple sites it can be quite useful to monitor and control which sites are using the php mail() function to send out emails. The simplest way to do that is to create a simple wrapper for /usr/sbin/sendmail

Running Calibre Server as a service under systemd

Calibre is an excellent e-book management software and one if its best characteristics is that it can run as a server and export all its contents as OPDS catablog so I can browse my e-book collection from my iPad or my phone.

Reinstall a corrupted or destroyed boot partition.

Lately I have had a couple of systems where the boot partition got corrupted or it's contents
deleted mistakenly. Even though I could not boot the system, I did not want to reinstall the whole
system and recover the data from backups.
So here is a quick solution that worked both on a SUSE 9.3 and a CentOS 5.4 system.

Installing Google CLI on Fedora

Today Google released a CLI interface for most of it's online services.
This has great potential for creating a lot of CLI fun with the services but first we need
to install it.

Installation is pretty simple on a Fedora system. It requires Python which is already
install on Fedora systems and has only one simple dependency
So : 


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