Fedora Copy.com RPM files

Barracuda Networks have launched a competitive service to DropBox called Copy.com.
The service even though still young is stable and has the added bonus of providing 20GB of free storage.

The only problem I have with it is that they provide a Linux client in an ugly tgz format that causes all sorts of problems with dependencies in Fedora, so I created an RPM package that hopefully solves some of those.

This is the first release of the rpms and I inferred the dependencies through ldd so I might be missing something so I would highly appreciate comments and bugs you send me through the contact form. I will try to get this pushed to rpmfusion as soon as possible but for the moment you can download the files from here.

There is a nautilus and a caja extension for those on Gnome or Mate but I wish there was something for us KDE guys.

The packages unfortunately could not end up in rpmfusion because of licensing issues but I will keep them updated on the link above as new updates are released.