Installing Google CLI on Fedora

Today Google released a CLI interface for most of it's online services.
This has great potential for creating a lot of CLI fun with the services but first we need
to install it.

Installation is pretty simple on a Fedora system. It requires Python which is already
install on Fedora systems and has only one simple dependency
So : 

yum install python-gdata
cd /usr/src
tar xzvf googlecl-0.9.5.tar.gz
cd googlecl-0.9.5
python install

You can invoke the CLI for the first time by simply running google from the command line.
The first time it runs it will create a 'configuration' file in /home/$USER/.googlecl/config.
Edit the file using your favourite editor and add in the [GENERAL] section the following line :
auth_browser = firefox (or replace firefox with your browser of choice)

Now it is time to have fun:
type google docs list
you will be prompted for your username and then you will be redirected to your browser
to grant access to the CLI to your Google Account. After accepting you should see
the long list of your Google Documents.

This CLI really has great potential to automate a lot of day to day google jobs and I will
add some Tips&Tricks as I discover them myself.